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    Valves, dampers and accessories

    Flue gas dampers are installed in the connection pipe between a boiler and the chimney and close the flue gas path, if the chimney is no longer in use. The flow safeguard prevents the cooling down of the heat generator and the installation room, which helps to save energy. In addition they prevent a possible influx of exhaust gases of other fireplaces connected with the chimney, for example in the cascade system and have the effect of a exhaust gas silencer if there are more than one fireplace connected with the chimney.

    Stainless steel or black steel flue gas dampers made by Jeremias are used in combined heat and power plants, emergency power systems, exhaust air technologies and in overpressure operation engines.


    Butterfly valve


    Butterfly valves are used to close the exhaust air pipes in case of negative pressure and overpressure situation. Hand operated as well as motorized flue gas dampers are mostly placed behind the boiler connector to slow down the process of cooling down in case  the boiler is switched off. The motor power is adapted to the diameter to bring the damper into the right position in the right moment.


    Throttle valve


    Throttle valves are used to regulate the open cross section of the exhaust path as well as closing it completely. The coordination of bypass routes is easy for the strong motorized completely sealing flue dampers motors with at least 90Nm.

    We offer you innovative flue dampers with electronic servomotors, which can be controlled automatically by the burner. A special case are the implosion dampers (Joukowski-flaps), which ensure a compensation of unwanted pressure fluctuations in the exhaust pipe.


    Motorised flue dampers

    Joukowski-Release valve

    Implosion release valve to compensate for unwanted pressure fluctuations


      • Effective saving of energy
      • Prevents the process of cooling down of heat producers
      • Improvement of the effectiveness of the fireplaces with a chimney in multiple usage
      • Sound insulation when multiple fireplaces are connected with one chimney    
      • Durability through stainless steel components
      • Fitting flue gas dampers for different applications and situations

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