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    Heating oil/ gas/ solid fuel

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    Currently most single and apartment buildings are using many boilers. Besides standard boilers which are heated by oil or gas, there are some boilers that utilize solid fuels such as wood, pellets or biomass.

    Oil-heaters are losing in attractiveness because of increasing raw material prices and bad impact on the environment. They take most of their needed combustion air from boiler rooms. These rooms therefore need sufficient opening to the outside to take in fresh air. Modern condensating boilers can work independent of room air.

    Low temperature boilers save a large amount of energy and in turn prevent unnecessary emissions contrary to older boilers. I
    n contrast to older boilers the exhaust gas temperature is  far below 200ºC. Modernization of heating system therefore requires adapting your chimney to these temperatures. A reduction of the cross section is made through the construction of a exhaust pipe in the existing chimney. This prevents the accumulation too much soot in the chimney.


    For such applications we offer different systems single or double walled made of corossion resistant stainless steel. 


    Modular single walled chimneys

    Economical modular metallic single wall chimney for gas and smoke exhaust of combustion products


    Flue system made out of stainless steel

    The classic one for relining: single wall stainless steel chimney for modernizing and reducing the cross-sectional area of existing chimneys, connection pipes and for the ventilation.


    Flexible stainless steel flue system

    Single wall flexible stainless steel exhaust system for relining of chimneys with offset.


    Conically sealing flue system made out of stainless steel

    Single wall flue system with conical connection (no gasket needed!) for all standard fireplaces and CHP


    Double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    Affordable alternative : double wall stainless steel chimney for all low pressure standard fireplaces. Works in both dry or moist conditions


    Double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    The classical : double wall stainless steel chimney for all standard fireplaces working with low pressure


    Metallic sealing double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    The allrounder: pressure tight double-wall stainless steel chimney with conical sealing connection


    Double wall design-chimney made of stainless steel

    The Plus-X-Award winner: DW-VISION, the double wall stainless steel chimney, can be used without any clamping fittings which makes a smooth chimney column possible

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